Allergy & Biomedical Ltd

Allergenic extracts - Allergy supplies & services - Biotechnological products

Allergy & Biomedical Ltd
is a company dedicated to Allergology
and to biomedical developments such as
new dialysis membranes and other
related products. We trade with allergenic
extracts, prevention products for allergy,
dialyzers with modern, biocompatible

At A & B
Optimization is a philosophy. It is an
ongoing, conscious effort by everyone at
A & B to perfect what we do and how we
do it. Optimization for us means
anticipating what our customer wants,
before he asks for it. From selecting
high- quality - product manufacturers to
managing shipping and inventory to keep
your overhead down and storage under.

You can rely on the people at A&B
For a quick response to orders or inquiries.
Every order is backed by unlimited technical
support. Our expertly trained sales and
marketing representatives and customer
service staff can help you manage your
inventory, keep you up to date on
regulatory changes and even put you in
touch with a prospective partner.

Allergy and Biomedical Ltd
10, Timber Wharf
Marsa MRS 1443
tel : +35620108614
Fax: +35620108615